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The perfect sound for any occasion

Betaphase on Spotify: Productive or relaxed

Do you need music to be focused and productive? For your deep focus, for studying or coding? The sound for your productivity is here: Carefully selected songs, organized in themed playlists, stimulate your performance level and suppress procrastination. Take a listen!

Music for better Studying & Writing

Dedicated to those who wanna fall deeply in Books and bath their brains in wisdom.

Music for better Design & UI/UX

Dedicated to those who land on color, sprinkle every little thing with knowledge and shape the future.

Music for better Speeding Tasks

Dedicated to those who fall down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world but meanwhile finish their work.

Music for better Deep Focus

Dedicated to those who are in the zone giving their full attention to something.

Music for better Coding Work

Dedicated to those who code and focus the the magic behind every magical surface.